3 Types of Car Body Kits You Must Know

The use of car body kits has become commonplace among modifiers, because body kits can make the car look more beautiful. However, Haiser must know that the body kit material itself consists of several types and has its own quality. The most common and widely used type of body kit is a type of body kit made of carbon, plastic or polyurethane, and also fiberglass.

Car Body Kit Functions

The body kit itself becomes your car accessory for car modification lovers to improve the appearance of your favorite car. However, the addition of the body kit itself can actually have a function that is no less important. Call it like a side skirt that has a curve at the end of the car, this accessory has a function to improve the aerodynamics of the vehicle. Then, there is a hole in the front bumper of the car body kit. Many think that this is just a net. In fact, the hole in the bumper itself has a function to cool the intercooler. And in essence, behind the design of the body kit in such a way there is a purpose and purpose to improve the performance of the car.

Car Body Kit Type

Of the many body kit materials, there are at least three materials that form the basis for making body kits, namely carbon, plastic, and fiberglass. Of course, each of these materials has its own advantages and limitations. As a car owner and want to install a body kit, then you need to understand the characteristics of the body kit material so as not to damage the vehicle.

1. Carbon Body Kit

This carbon material is a material that is rarely used for body kits because it is quite expensive. However, with such a high price, carbon has advantages that other materials do not have. The advantage of carbon is in its strength. This material is strong to withstand light to medium impacts and also won’t be easily dented if the car accidentally hits something. And interestingly, although this material is strong, the weight of carbon itself tends to be light. This is the reason why carbon material is used in a car to reduce vehicle weight.

2. Plastic or Polyurethane Body Kit

This type of plastic body kit is very easy to find at vehicle accessory stores. This material is quite popular and is often used as a car body kit. However, there are two types of plastic used as body kit material. The first plastic is an ordinary material that has a fairly low price, but tends to break easily. However, most plastic body kits sold in Indonesia use this common material. The second plastic is a material called acrylonitrile butadiene styrene or ABS which is very flexible and also not easily broken. ABS plastic is an imported material whose price is higher than ordinary materials.

3. Fiberglass Body Kits

Fiberglass is the most popular material. This material is arguably quite easy to form and has a very affordable price. The price of the fiberglass body kit itself is quite low to medium. This is because the initial capital of fiberglass material is quite affordable. You can tell this fiberglass material by looking at its fibrous texture. However, this does not mean that this fiberglass material does not have its drawbacks. Fiberglass itself has shortcomings in terms of strength and strength. If this fiberglass material is hit by an impact or collision, it can crack, break, and become damaged.