6 Causes of Engine Down in Cars

You must have heard the term down the engine. Getting off the car engine is the process of disassembling and removing the engine from the vehicle for further inspection and problem solving. The purpose of getting the car engine down here is not something scary, in fact this process can actually be known damage to the car engine with more detail and valid. That way, repairs to damage are more precise. Downsizing the engine is done if the car is damaged which requires checking and repairing components located in the engine center. Here are 9 causes of falling car engines that you need to be aware of.

1. Overheating

Dropping this overheating engine is something that often causes the car to break down.  If you are driving at a slow speed but the engine temperature is always rising, that’s when you should be suspicious of the conditions here. Do not force the vehicle to move, and immediately turn off the car engine. If the components in the engine are damaged, it is certain that the car is required to get off the engine for repairs.

2. Machine submerged in water

The cause of this one car engine down often occurs during the rainy season which causes flooding. Driving a car during a flood will result in the car’s engine being submerged in water. Well, the water that enters the engine will then also be in the combustion chamber, so this can certainly cause something dangerous. Therefore, do not force the car to drive through high puddles of water.

3. Oil mixed with water

When water stays in the combustion chamber it will also cause a mixture of oil and water. The characteristics of cars that experience this is the color of the engine oil that changes color to brown, like chocolate milk. These conditions can cause corrosion of the cylinder head, the circulation system becomes chaotic, and the formation of foam or foam on the engine. If this has happened, getting the engine down is the right choice for draining and oil changes and cleaning.

4. Poor lubrication

The cause of the engine down on the next car is due to a poor lubrication system or not working properly. So when this lubrication system does not work properly, then of course these components are damaged due to friction in the absence of lubricant. To find out if your car’s lubrication is functioning properly, you can check how many liters of oil are left with the help of a deep stick oil on a regular basis. It is feared that the oil line is clogged or the oil pump is damaged. If the car engine oil is low, immediately take the car to a repair shop for an engine oil change to avoid getting the car engine down.

5. Timing belt broke

A broken timing belt can also be the cause of a car engine down. The timing belt on the car serves as a distributor of power from the crankshaft. If the timing belt breaks, then what will happen is the piston and the valves collide.

6. Lack of radiator water

Reduced radiator water can also be the cause of the car dropping the engine. You can see this when the car is started and the radiator water is drastically reduced or spurted. Damage can occur to the cylinder head, cylinder gasket, or leaks in the radiator, engine, or water pump.