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Drag Racing

The 2011 World Championship Final happened at Kings Lynns Norfolk Arena on Saturday 17 September with 871 Mark Simpson winner of the Gold Roof. In 2012, the World Championship was received again by 968 Micky Brennan this time held at Barford. The 2013 World Championship weekend will be held over 2 days of racing on 14/15 September at Smeatharpe near Honiton in Devon.

The 2011 World Championship happened at Northampton on September 10 with 2 Paul Harrison the winner of the Gold Roof. The 2012 World Championship held at Skegness was won by 217 Lee Fairhurst. The 2013 World Championship will be held at King’s Lynn on Saturday 21 September.

racing car

Drag racing is 2 cars head-to-head, the winner proceeding to the next spherical. Sportsman racing is handicapped using an index (a lowest e.t. allowed), and vehicles working beneath their index “break out” and lose. The slowest automobiles, bracket racers, are additionally handicapped, but rather than an index, they use a dial-in. The top collection is the World Rally Championship , first contested in 1973, but there are also regional championships, and many international locations have their own national championships. Some famous rallies embody the Monte Carlo Rally, Rally Argentina, Rally Finland, and Rally GB. Another famous occasion is the Paris-Dakar Rally, conceived in 1978.

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The focus of the game lies on continuance, the genre of racing a car by way of shifting visitors while protecting the automobile from hurt. With quick cars at every flip, the sport feels extremely interactive and exciting. In 2008, Ian Thompson Jr. became the first driver from Northern Ireland to win the Brisca F2 Stock Car World title since 1972 when he took the honours at Bristol in 2008. This irregularity has since been proven to be a producing fault with the control of the driver however the governing body have refused to reinstate Gordon Moodie as the winner in the record books. In 2009 the World Championship winner was Micky Brennan and in 2010 the World Championship winner was John Fortune.